Interruptible unit equipment 125W, 250W, 400W or 720W


  • Standard with a non-audible self diagnostic/charger is fully self-contained, fully automatic microcontroller based system
  • Optional audible auto diagnostic available
  • Standard lighting control override for 0-10V dimming systems

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    • High-efficiency pure sine wave inverter at 250W capacity or higher
    • Temperature compensated charger
    • Replaceable output fuse protection
    • Low battery voltage disconnect
    • Unit comes standard with electronic lockout and brownout circuits

    Nexus® Option

    • Units equipped with Nexus® self-testing monitoring system circuitry shall self test, in accordance with NFPA101, Life Safety Code minimum 30 seconds every 30 days, 30 minutes every six months and 90 minutes annually as well as keep a history of all testing logs, plus feature a real-time diagnoses, as well as, be able to locate exact fixture location while notifying service personnel to the status of the fixture via email notification. Nexus® system interface with an improved minimum load lost detection of 10%

    Load Shedding

    • During a power outage the emergency fixture is dimmed to 25% or 45% brightness output. Reducing wattage draw from the fixture will allow for more fixture to be connected to the Mini Inverter.
    • Maximum 20 Emergency fixtures can be daisy chained per EMIU 250
    • In standby mode, the maximum normally-on load that can be connected to EMIU-250-LD is 960 watts

    Sealed maintenance-free battery

    • 12V oversized valve regulated lead-calcium (VRLA) battery
    • Provides 90 minutes of emergency operation
    Product Snapshot


    Ratings (kVA/Watts)125W, 250W, 400W, 720W
    TopologyInterruptible, <1 second

    Electrical Input

    Nominal Input Voltage120v, or 277v 1- phase 2 wire
    Input Voltage RangeV -15%, +10% from nominal at 100% load
    Operating Frequency50/60Hz
    Input Power FactorP.F. >.99 typical
    Input Current Distortion5% THD

    Electrical Output

    Nominal Output Voltage:120v, or 277v 1- phase 2 wire
    Output Voltage RegV +1% static
    Efficiency90% +


    Runtime90 minutes full load


    UL 924, NEC, Life Safety Electrical Code Requirements
    Technical Specs
    Power Rating125W, 250W, 400W, 720W
    Voltage 120v, or 277v 1- phase 2 wire
    Product SeriesABB Single Phase Lighting Inverter
    Mini Inverter SeriesMini Inverter Series.pdf