Eternalight 1 Lighting Inverter | 4.7 KW - 21 KW

Eternalight 1

The Eternalight 1 Lighting Inverter defends your environment against unwanted power outage and electrical disturbances.

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    • DSPM Watchdog software always on guard.
    • Display monitor keeps you in control 24/7.
    • Dependable DSP/PWM technology for unsurpassed reliability.
    • Economical for the lowest overall cost to your light safety with an Energy Star Rating.
    • Temperature compensation technology that controls batteries for the longest battery life.
    • Sealed maintenance-free batteries.
    • Full light output for an entire 90 minutes.
    • Self-diagnostics for a safe and secure lighted environment.
    • Pure sine wave output for all types of lamps.
    • ECM module is a patented technology used by DSPM.
    • Backup solutions for multiple applications such as
      • Indoor and outdoor emergency lighting
      • Exits
      • Cash registers
      • Computers
      • Strategic electronics
      • And more
    • 10 Year pro-rated battery warranty.
    • 5 Year power train warranty.
    • Listed to UL924, UL1778. and UL508.
    • Cities of Chicago and New York approved.
    • Complies with the Buy American Act.
    Product Snapshot
    Standard Power Levels (KW)4.7, 5.25, 7.0, 8.0, 10.0, 12.0, 14.0, 18.0, 21.0
    Crest Factor2:5:1 typical
    Surge Protectionthe unit will protect itself and the load against surges as defined in ANSI/IEEE C62.45 Category A and B

    Technical Specs
    Efficiency≥92% at 100% linear road
    Audible Noise<45dB measured on Response Curve “A”
    ETL ListedUL924 and UL1778
    Operating Temperature0° to 40° Celsius (-32° to 104°F)
    Storage Temperature-20° to 60° Celsius (-4° to 140°F)
    Humidity5 – 95%; Non-condensing


    Input Voltage120, 208, 240, 277, or 480 VAC
    Input Voltage Range+10% -15%
    Input ProtectionInput Main Circuit Breaker


    Output Voltage120, 277, 480, 120/240 or 120/277 VAC
    Output Voltage Regulation±w% for all loads and battery discharge mode
    Output Frequency Range60 Hz, ±1%
    Output Wave FormSine-wave <5% @ 100% linear load
    Output ProtectionOutput Main Circuit Breaker


    BatterySealed maintenance-free (AGM) lead calcium
    Recharge CurrentConforms to UL924 standards
    External BatteryProvision for hardware connection of external battery
    cabinets or DC source
    Eternalight 1 BrochureEternalight 1 Brochure.pdf
    DSPM Inc Eternalight 1 Technical SpecificationsDSPM Inc Eternalight 1 Technical Specifications.pdf
    DSPM Online Eternalight 1 Data SheetDSPM Online Eternalight 1 Data Sheet.pdf
    Eternalight 1 Cabinet Conduit DrawingEternalight 1 Cabinet Conduit Drawing.pdf
    Eternalight 1 Cabinet Placement DrawingEternalight 1 Cabinet Placement Drawing.pdf
    Eternalight 1 Component Layout 4.7-7kWEternalight 1 Component Layout 4.7-7kW.pdf
    Eternalight 1 Component Layout 8-14kWEternalight 1 Component Layout 8-14kW.pdf
    Eternalight 1 Component Layout 15-21kWEternalight 1 Component Layout 15-21kW.pdf
    Eternalight 1 Integration Drawing 4.7-10kWEternalight 1 Integration Drawing 4.7-10kW.pdf
    Eternalight 1 Integration Drawing 12-21kWEternalight 1 Integration Drawing 12-21kW.pdf
    Eternalight 1 Maintenance ManualEternalight 1 Maintenance Manual.pdf
    Eternalight 1 Seismic Bracket DrawingEternalight 1 Seismic Bracket Drawing.pdf
    Eternalight 1 System Current RatingsEternalight 1 System Current Ratings.pdf
    Eternalight 1 User’s ManualEternalight 1 User’s Manual.pdf