ABB – IPS “INTERRUPTIBLE” 1.5kVA - 16.7kVA Lighting Inverter

IPS “Interruptible” 1.5kVA – 16.7kVA

Interruptible” model Lighting inverter choice for LED, incandescent, and fluorescent lighting, and traditional inverter applications.

Single phase series


  • 98% efficient at full load
  • PWM/IGBT technology
  • Self-testing/Self-diagnostic
  • User programmable with password protection
  • Standard input circuit breaker
  • Standard normally off and on output
  • RS232 communication port
  • Micro-processor controlled
  • Automatic event and alarm log
  • 90 min. standard run time
  • Generator compatibility
  • Electronic and magnetic ballast compatible
  • Custom voltages available
  • Automatic event, test and alarm log
  • LCD display
  • Reduced footprint (stackable cabinets
  • Maintenance free standard batteries
  • Forced air cooling during emergency mode only

UL listed to UL 924. Meets NFPA101, NFPA70, NFPA 110, OSHA, UBC, SBCCI. N.Y City approved.

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    Using IGBT/PWM technology the inverter converts DC voltage supplied by the batteries to AC voltage of a precise stabilized amplitude and frequency, suitable for most sophisticated electrical equipment. True sinusoidal output waveform with very low distortion (less than 3% for linear loads). Overload capability of up to 150% for 12 line cycles.


    Fully automatic, temperature compensated, microprocessor controlled charger recharges fully discharged batteries in maximum 24 hours at nominal AC input voltage. AC input current limiting and over-voltage protection included.


    System is provided standard with 10 year, maintenance free, sealed valve regulated, front terminals Lead-Calcium batteries. 20 year sealed Lead-Calcium battery also available. 90 min. standard discharge time at full load under normal operating temperature. Low voltage disconnect protection included. No special ventilation required.


    Automatic self tests consist of a 5-minute monthly and 90-minute annual function. The front-mounted control panel includes 5 LED indicators, a 2-line 20-character LCD display, a keypad to control and monitor the internal operation of the system. This allows the operator to easily “watch” system functions as they occur and check on virtually any aspect of the system’s operation. Standard RS232 diagnostic interface


    High/low battery charger voltage, high/low AC Input Voltage, Near low battery, low battery, load reduction fault, output overload, high ambient temperature, inverter fault, output fault, optional output circuit breaker trip

    Product Snapshot


    Ratings (kVA/Watts)1.5kVA, 2.25kVA, 3kVA, 3.75kVA, 5kVA, 6kVA, 8kVA, 10kVA, 12.5kVA, 16.7kVA
    TopologyPWM Inverter 2ms transfer

    Electrical Input

    Nominal Input Voltage120v, or 277v 1- phase 2 wire
    Input Voltage RangeV -15%, +10% from nominal at 100% load
    Operating Frequency50/60Hz
    Input Power FactorP.F. >.99 typical
    Input Current Distortion5% THD

    Electrical Output

    Nominal Output Voltage:120v, 277v 1- phase 2 wire
    Output Voltage RegV +1% static
    Efficiency90% +


    Runtime90 minutes full load


    UL 924, NFPA101, NFPA70, NFPA110, OSHA, UBC, SBCCI, NY City Approved
    Technical Specs
    Power Rating12.5kVa, 16.7kVA, 24kVA, 33kVA, 40kVA, 50kVA
    Voltage 120v, or 277v 1- phase 2 wire
    Product SeriesABB Single Phase Lighting Inverter
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