Mini Inverter

Interruptible unit equipment 1000W


  • Standard with a non-audible advanced self diagnostic & self-testing microcotroller-based system.
  • Optional audible Advanced Diagnostics available.
  • Non-Advanced Diagnostics option for applications with emergency power controls.
  • Standard lighting control override for 0-10V dimming systems.
  • Options 4-Output circuits allow for multiple zone application.
  • Optional load shedding to dim 0-10V light fixtures connected to an emergency inverter system.

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    • High-efficiency pure sine wave inverter
    • Temperature compensated charger
    • Replaceable output fuse protection
    • Low battery voltage disconnect
    • Unit comes standard with electronic lockout and brownout circuits


    • Unit has a three-year warranty
    • Detailed warranty terms


    • UL 924 Standard
    • Meets or exceeds all National Electric Code and Life Safety Code Emergency Lighting Requirements

    Load Shedding

    • During a power outage the emergency fixture is dimmed at a field selectable level of 25%, 40%, or 45% brightness output. Reducing wattage draw from the fixture will allow for more fixtures to be connected to the Mini inverter.
    • Emergi-Lite 1000W Mini Inverter with 4C-24V option must be used in conjuction with
    • The EMIU-1000-4C-24V when in normal mode can accept amaximum of 1000watts per circuit.
    • Maximum 20 Emergency fixtures can be daisy-chained to each RTS
    • One RTS required for each circuit (Ordered seperately)

    For use of more than 4 RTS control devices contact factory. Note: May accept load to it’s full capacity when load feature
    power factor a 0.8

    Sealed Maintenance-free battery

    • 12V valve regulated lead-calcium (VRLA) batteries
    • Provides minimum 90 minutes of emergency operation power requirements
    • Choice of voltage 120V input/120V output or
    • 277V input/277V output operation, 60Hz
    Product Snapshot


    Ratings (kVA/Watts)120v, or 277v

    Electrical Input

    Nominal Input Voltage120v, or 277v
    Input Voltage RangeV -15%, +10% from nominal at 100% load
    Operating Frequency50/60Hz
    Input Power FactorP.F. >.99 typical
    Input Current Distortion5% THD

    Electrical Output

    Nominal Output Voltage:120v, 277v
    Output Voltage RegV +1% static
    Efficiency90% +


    Runtime90 minutes full load


    UL 924 Standard, NEC, Life Safety Code
    Emergency Lighting Requirements
    Technical Specs
    Power Rating1000 watt, 1kVA
    Voltage120V, or 277V
    Product SeriesABB Lighting Inverter Series