Lighting inverter maintenance, Battery MAINTENANCE, AND EMERGENCY SERVICE PLANS

Inverter and Battery Full Service On Site 4 Hour Response
Inverter and Battery Full Service On Site 8 Hour Response
Annual – Semi Annual Maintenance Visits
PM Only
PM+ Plus Emergency Service

Choose a Preventative Maintenance (PM) Frequency That Meets Your Needs:

  • Central Battery System Inverter maintenance
  • Do you have redundant battery strings?
  • VRLA and Lithium Ion Battery Maintenance
  • Central Inverter Runtime Analysis
  • UL 924 runtime certification requirement
  • NFPA 101 Lighting Inverter Maintenance Requirements

Ask us about the types of contracts we offer and additional Inverter services.

Inverter Maintenance and Documentation for Certification Requirements

Our lighting inverter services put proper measures in place so that every site receives the level of attention required for optimal operation and maintenance of certification standards.

In addition to Maintenance and Emergency Service plans, you may wish to use our (MOP) Method of Procedure and (SOW) Scope of Work Services to organize the procedural part of the Maintenance program.

These professional practices are available through our maintenance services. We can provide you with documentation for your service plan that perfectly fits your certification requirements.

7×24 NOC Services for Emergency Response

lighting inverter services

In order to ensure an effective and rapid response, FGC-Equipment along with FGC Service and 7×24 NOC Services provides a single point of contact to respond to any Emergency Service needs. 

Fast Customer Response and Remediation is our goal. We ensure there is always a person to connect you with the proper level of service available in our 7×24 NOC Facility.

Expert Interpretation of the Maintenance Data

lighting inverter maintenance data

Expert interpretation of inspection data allows our customers to receive the preventive or corrective services that are most appropriate for your business. All Field Service Reports are reviewed internally.

Your Equipment is tracked throughout its Service Life to alert you to important events such as Inverter Battery Replacements, Lifecycle Parts, and wearable items as they come up. You will have visibility for your operational planning around all systems managed by our Critical Services Lifecycle team.

lighting inverter monitoring systems

Comprehensive Monitoring Systems

Facilities with critical power infrastructure need to maintain a constant supply of clean and reliable power.

Just as important is the information about those systems protecting the environment. FGC-Equipment and FGC Services offers a comprehensive array of Inverter Monitoring services that ensure timely response in an emergency.

Inverter Monitoring also provides key diagnostics about your system during its operational life. Alarms may be received directly to our 7×24 NOC Facility for immediate response. A customized monitoring plan may be developed for your individual needs.

inverter inspection and cost of ownership

Reduce Cost of Ownership

To avoid potential loss of revenue streams from unplanned outages, FGC Service designs preventive maintenance programs that can be customized to meet the specific needs of your site.

The programs reduce long-term maintenance cost and capital expenditures. There may be service level additions as your product ages that will be beneficial to your return on investment.