• outdoor UPS enclosures
  • outdoor UPS enclosures

Indoor/Outdoor Inverter Enclosures

Customized indoor/outdoor enclosure systems for Central Lighting Inverters. Integrated enclosures with heating and hvac integration. Serves all weather zones. Provides ability to place lighting inverter system anywhere in your building in a safe, controlled environment.

Features of Lighting Inverter Customized Enclosures

  • Nema 1, or 3R locking enclosure
  • Fire Rated NFPA 101, UL 924
  • Hydrogen sensors
  • Hvac system integrated for indoor or outdoor environments
  • Custom direct Air exchange for harsh industrial environments
  • Direct vent system for manufacturing environments

Lighting Inverter Enclosure Components

  • Enclosure contains all Inverter components including batteries and byass equipment.
  • Integrate indoor clean air system for indoor factory and process environments.
  • Land Enclosure system on roof, outdoor pad, near power distribution.
  • Integrated monitoring and remote alert system available.
  • Custom dimensions and materials for configured systems. Use with any UPS, Battery and Inverter System.
  • Larger systems to contain Generator, UPS, Inverter, Battery, and Power Distribution.
  • Voltage Ratings: Power Rating: 480v, 120/240v, 120/208v, 208v
  • Provides for all battery types: VRLA, Lithium-Ion, Pure Lead Batteries, Wet Cell, and all others.