How Often Should You Test Emergency Lighting Equipment?

how often to test emergency lighting equipment

Emergency lighting is one of the most important aspects of any building. Emergency lighting ensures that should a power outage occur, occupants will have light to safely exit the building. There are many reasons why you may need emergency lights in your facility: fire drills and evacuations, power outages, or as an alternative to natural… Read More

NFPA Standard For Emergency Lighting

How to Meet NFPA 70 Standard For Emergency Lighting

Emergency systems are intended to automatically supply illumination, power, or both to designated areas and equipment in the event of failure of the normal supply. These systems are also designed to kick in when accidents occur to elements of a system intended to supply, distribute, and control power and illumination essential for safety to human… Read More

What is NFPA 70?

what is nfpa 70

Navigating the NFPA 70E scope to derive at the important main points can be tedious. Author Brooke Stauffer provides a well thought out summary of topics for the translation of code. NFPA 70E Scope NFPA 70E-2004 is entitled Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace. It is related to the National Electrical Code (NFPA standard… Read More

Is a Central Battery Emergency System Right for Your Facility?

Central Battery Emergency System

When things go wrong and your normal electrical supply is interrupted, you will need an emergency lighting system you know you can trust. Whether from a utility outage or a failure somewhere within your building, your facility is required to have emergency egress lighting in the event of a power failure. But there are several… Read More

Emergency Exit Lighting Requirements for Buildings

emergency exit lighting requirements for buildings

What happens when the power goes out in your commercial building? If everything is working to basic standards, there should be a series of lights that come on to guide visitors and employees towards the exit in case of an emergency. If this isn’t happening as it is supposed to, or you don’t have this… Read More

Lighting Inverter vs UPS – Which Do You Need?


When it comes to lighting inverters and UPS systems for lighting, clarifying the differences concerning need and application can be tricky, especially for beginners. While both provide the backup supply to your electrical systems, the main function of a UPS is to store electrical power supply, whereas an inverter’s function is to convert power into… Read More

Medical-Grade Power Quality Lighting Inverters


It is commonly known among industry experts that roughly 75% of electronics-based disruptions and failures are attributed to power quality issues. Whether from an electrical anomaly, such as a voltage spike, or a complete power outage, these disruptions to the performance of health care electronics can truly be the difference between life and death. The… Read More

Why You Need a Lighting Inverter Monitoring Program

lighting inverter monitoring

If your facility has a critical power infrastructure, maintaining a constant supply of clean and reliable power is crucial. It is equally important to maintain easy access to information about the systems which make this power supply possible. The best way to ensure you have the information you need to keep your systems operational is… Read More

4 Best Emergency Lighting Battery Systems

Best Emergency Lighting Battery Systems

If you currently own or are building any commercial property, you may have heard about emergency lighting. A required component for all commercial building projects, and even large-scale residential projects, emergency lighting illuminates pathways to exits otherwise known as egress paths. These lights help facilitate evacuation when things go wrong. However, without the proper know-how,… Read More

When is Emergency Lighting Required?

when is emergency lighting required

Whether you are building a new facility or found the time to update your current building, did you consider the lighting systems that will guide patrons towards a safe exit in the event of a power outage? Have you wondered when emergency lighting is required? In the content below, we define emergency lighting inverters and… Read More