Why DSPM Eternalight Lighting Inverters?

DSPM provides superior products and solutions for the lighting inverter industry. DSPM provides products both for harsh environments, and standard commercial environment applications. With product ranges from 3kW to 125kW in the Eternalight Harsh Model, this provides a wide range of solutions for suspect voltage installations. The Eternalight Micro, Mini, and Plus lines provide products 350 watts to 21kW to round out the size demands of today’s lighting inverter requirements.

Product Details: Eternalight Mini, Micro, and Plus Series Lighting Inverter Systems

The Basics

The Eternalight product lines Mini, Micro, and Plus have excellent operating emergency lighting applications at “full-output”, provides dependability to all commercial lighting applications. All models provide continuous for all UL 924 lighting inverter applications.

UL and NFPA Certifications

DSPM Lighting Inverter products provide for comprehensive coverage of various UL Certifications. Important certifications for the lighting industry that DSPM complies with are UL 924, UL1778, NFPA 101, NFPA 70, and UL508.

Diagnostics and Maintenance

DSPM Watchdog Software provides self-diagnostic and LED Monitoring. Single or Multi-Unit Smart Display keep you in control of your total lighting inverter environment 24/7. Self-Automated tests ensure testing and notifications pre-emptively to avoid downtime in emergency situations.  Environmental Circuit Module ECM allows for normal switching while on Emergency Circuit. 1 Year Full Warranty on systems, 10 year Pro-Rated Warranty on battery, 5 Year Powertrain Warranty and Maintenance Contracts available for ongoing maintenance requirements.   

DSPM Inverter Surge/Sag Protection

Overload Protection , surge mitigation and sag protection using DSP/PWM technology. Protects surges defined by ANSI/IEEE C62.45 category A and B. Input and output circuit breakers are standard for overcurrent protection. Certified Lighting Inverter with output derived from a Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) IGBT inverter design. Producing clean consistent power.

DSPM 90-Minute Lighting Inverter System Batteries

Sealed, maintenance-free, lead calcium (AGM) batteries. 10-Year prorated warranty. Smart Battery Monitoring System is TEMPERATURE COMPENSATED maintaining maximum runtime and battery life. Microprocessor controlled recharge and DSP/PWM overcharge protection standard.

Looking for Help Ordering an Eternalight Lighting Inverter?

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