ABB Model IPS Lighting Inverter Systems for Commercial Applications

Who is ABB?

ABB is a global provider of technology solutions for the emergency lighting and inverter markets. In addition, the ABB Group proudly operates the Emergi-Lite® Global Emergency Lighting Research & Innovation Center in Canada, a pioneering technology leader. ABB provides a wide range of inverter capacities—ranging from 400 watts to 50kVA—through their line of Central Lighting Inverter Systems, allowing ABB to meet the wide range of needs in today’s industrial and commercial lighting inverter market. Today, we are highlighting the ABB Emerg-Power Systems Model IPS Lighting Inverter System but be sure to check our blog to see more product updates that ABB has to offer.

The Unique Characteristics of ABB Lighting Inverters

ABB’s Naveo®Pro app for remote and mobile applications for life safety inverters is unlike any other. Documentation to maintain operational records, instant control, and monitoring is key to today’s lighting inverter facilities’ operation; The Naveo®Pro app provides that essential one touch access for optimal lighting inverter operation. This app provides real-time access to lighting inverter data, emergency failures, and system log data. And, since it’s a mobile app, “always-connected” technology is at your fingertips via a mobile phone or other smart technology access.

Product Details: Emerg-Power Systems IPS

The Basics

The Emerg-Power Systems Model IPS’s power output range is broad, so making this system a very flexible choice for many facilities. The Emerg-Power Systems Model IPS ranges from 1.5VA to 16.7kVA, making this model a great choice for a variety of commercial applications for your lighting inverter needs.

Many contractors and architects seek a certified “online” application rather than stand-by inverter applications. However, the Emerg-Power Systems Model IPS provides just that kind of higher-end technology with standard IGBT/PWM technology from DC battery to loads.

The premium features that set ABB Emerg-Power Systems Model IPS lighting inverter systems apart from other lighting inverter systems are front terminal, 20-year sealed, lead-calcium batteries with a standard 90-minute runtime. In addition, the ABB Emerg-Power Systems Model IPS lighting inverter features standard voltage ranges of 120v, 208v, 240v, and 277v.


The ABB Emerg-Power Systems Model IPS lighting inverter series meets all associated certifications for lighting inverter specifications, new construction, or existing applications. Certifications provided by the ABB Emerg-Power Systems Model IPS are UL listed to UL 924. In addition, the unit meets NFPA101, NFPA70, NFPA 110, OSHA, UBC, SBCCI, and is N.Y City approved.

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