Medical Power Solutions: Quality Lighting Inverters

It is commonly known among industry experts that roughly 75% of electronics-based disruptions and failures are attributed to power quality issues. Whether from an electrical anomaly, such as a voltage spike, or a complete power outage, these disruptions to the performance of health care electronics can truly be the difference between life and death. The need for quality power solutions continues to be more essential than ever.

Poor power quality not only impacts the performance of your equipment, such as operating room lighting, imaging technology, and your healthcare IT network but is also detrimental to your ability to care for your patients. In this article, we will explore a few cost-effective options for medical-grade lighting inverters and other quality power solutions to help you take better care of your patients, improve the functionality of your facility, and help you save money over the long term.

The Importance of Medical Grade Power Quality

Referring to all the issues with the electrical environment, medical grade power quality affects the performance and reliability of medical imaging and treatment equipment, as well as patient monitoring systems and vicinity diagnostics.

Arguably more important to the medical industry than any other, power quality can truly change the way your doctors and nurses practice medicine. When the lights and equipment suddenly turn off without warning in the middle of a crucial surgery, the consequences can be devastating for your staff and the families of your patients.

By providing uninterrupted, clean, and stable power to your critical medical systems, your hospital or health care facility can obtain higher levels of image quality and diagnostic reliability. In turn, you will be better poised to optimize workflow and patient satisfaction, realizing every administrator’s ultimate goals for system reliability.  

Managing power quality for a consistent source of lighting and power throughout the entire facility is a difficult issue that many hospitals and health care facilities spend countless hours and dollars trying to solve, and for good reason. It is found that roughly seven out of every ten equipment problems are prevented with a stable source of power. Imagine the benefits a similar power quality upgrade could have for all aspects your own facility.

Quality Medical Power Solutions for The Medical Industry

Generators for emergency back up power and egress lighting are a common feature in most large hospitals and medical centers. Used during brownouts, complete power outages, and other less common scenarios, these back up generators are designed to supply the facility with usable electrical power within eight to ten seconds after the initial power failure. While the supply is generally sufficient to cover the entire facility, the 10 second delay is often too long to wait.

Emergency rooms, operating suites, delivery rooms and more are all critical care environments which cannot remain dark or electrically dead for any length of time. To counteract this possibility, these critical care areas will have individual battery wall-packs installed to fill in the time delay caused by the generator. Unfortunately, this technique is more of an inefficient patch rather than a true solution.

Regular testing and data recording are mandatory for these types of systems, making them extremely difficult and cost-ineffective to keep code-compliant. The time and labor consumed by maintenance personnel alone are enough to make industry professionals think twice about implementing such a solution. However, the monthly efforts of your personnel can also lead to unintentional contamination of critical care environments – an issue which is more important to mitigate than ever before. 

A Better Answer to Medical Grade Power Quality Find Quality Power Solutions with Lighting Inverter Supply

So, what is the alternative solution to ensuring our critical care environments remain fully operational and uncompromised? Listed as UL 924 Emergency Lighting Equipment, centralized emergency lighting inverters are one such solution.

As emergency lighting equipment with a full 90 minutes of possible battery backup run time, each inverter is capable of completely replacing egress lighting for critical care areas. As auxiliary lighting equipment, medical grade central lighting inverters are equally impressive, supplying 10-15 minutes of batter backup, effectively elimination the usual eight to ten second delay found in systems using only generators.

Additionally, the maintenance, testing, record-keeping, and data-logging are all conducted from a centralized location, helping facilitate “contaminant-free” critical care areas, unlike more traditional battery packs. 

Find Quality Power Solutions with Lighting Inverter Supply

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