Why You Need to Monitor Your Emergency Lighting Inverter System

If your facility has a critical power infrastructure, maintaining a constant supply of clean and reliable power is crucial. It is equally important to maintain easy access to information about the systems which make this power supply possible. The best way to ensure you have the information you need to keep your systems operational is to implement a lighting inverter monitoring program.

Inverter monitoring helps ensure timely responses in the event of an emergency and can also provide key diagnostics about your system during its lifecycle. If customized for your unique needs, the benefits of such a monitoring program are virtually limitless. Here, we will explore a few of the reasons why monitoring your lighting inverter is so important as well as additional benefits of doing so. 

What is Lighting Inverter Monitoring?

A monitoring program acts as a watch dog over your lighting inverters. The most effective monitoring programs allow users to identify and prioritize maintenance needs, view performance, receive notifications when performance has been disturbed, and even compare the actual performance of the system with the expected performance.

There are many ways you can structure your monitoring program to account for specific issues you think may arise, or to compile data on which your facility places a higher value. Whichever form your lighting inverter monitoring takes, the importance of having this information and knowledge can not be overstated.

Why is Lighting Inverter Monitoring Important?

Having around-the-clock information on your inverters delivered directly and efficiently to your team means you will be working with your system, not against it. As you are quickly notified of any issues, you will be able to create solutions which either minimize or eliminate downtime.

Knowing there is someone always looking out for your facility’s power supply can give you the peace of mind needed to trust you can handle whatever power fluctuations or issues come your way. In addition to that valuable component of lighting inverter monitoring, there are even more advantages to incorporating a monitoring program at your facility.

What are the Benefits?

Keep Your Equipment Running Smoothly

Consider the following scenario: you are about to go on a long road trip and want to make sure your vehicle is performing well enough to make the journey. Do you blindly trust that your vehicle is in good shape, or would you bring it in for a performance check?

Your facility’s lighting inverters must always be in top functioning condition. By implementing a monitoring program, you can keep tabs on your equipment and ensure it is running smoothly for when you need it most.

Ensure a Timely Response During an Emergency

Emergencies are consistently inconvenient. With a continuous monitoring system, you will receive updates on the current state of your inverter equipment regularly, alerting you the minute something goes wrong. In fact, depending on the issue, you may even know about it beforehand. With that level of insight, your team can address critical problems quickly, make plans for future improvements or purchases, and make certain your facility continues to operate smoothly. 

Avoid Potential Loss of Revenue

A preventive maintenance program can be fully customized to meet the specific needs of your site. These programs can reduce long-term maintenance costs. You can also upgrade your service as your products begin to age to create an extra level of protection.

Additionally, a lighting inverter maintenance program can help you minimize downtimes and continue producing at optimal levels by alerting you to an issue before it costs your facility time, money, or additional resources.

Keep Tabs on Your System’s Performance

How can you be sure that your equipment is performing as expected? Lighting inverter monitoring programs measure your equipment’s performance and compares it to the required performance. This allows you to know whether you need to fix an issue, or simply reevaluate your needs. It can also help you feel reassured about your investment, knowing the equipment is operating exactly as it should.

Have a More Intuitive Understanding of Your Facility’s Inner Workings

Inverter monitoring provides key diagnostic information about your system during its operational life. Having access to and an understanding of this data can greatly impact your ability to organize your data center in the most efficient way and ensure that everything is working properly at all times.

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