Central Lighting Inverter – 5 Benefits

When mapping out building emergency exit routes, do you consider the which type of lighting inverter system will illuminate the halls and exit paths during a power outage? By implementing an effective emergency lighting system and installing either dispersed or central lighting inverters, you can better secure safe exiting procedures and security protocols.

However, it may feel inundating deciding which lighting inverter type to purchase and implement. Therefore, in the content below, we provide five benefits of a central lighting inverter being installed on your property.

What is a Central Lighting Inverter?

Matching its name, this type of inverter generates emergency lighting and back-up power through a centralized lighting unit. Offering multiple lighting inverter design options that minimize maintenance requirements and optimize emergency lighting performance, this lighting system is capable of powering both existing indoor and outdoor fixtures.

The 5 Benefits

Below, we explore five of the greatest benefits of implementing this style of lighting inverter in your building.

#1. Safety

Central lighting inverters offer a higher safety level than other emergency lighting solutions because their full lumen output results in higher emergency light levels. As a result, patrons can experience greater lighting to better exit the building and property, reducing the risk in tripping or falling over hard to see objects or steps.

With a full lumen output, these inverters are highly compatible with LED, HID, fluorescent, and incandescent lighting loads. Therefore, regardless if your building offers multiple lighting loads, a single, central lighting inverter can safely produce lighting. Additionally, they can be made available for both uninterruptible and interruptible inverter functions, whichever best fits your application and operational needs. 

Furthermore, these systems have the capacity to provide emergency lighting and power for:

  • Fire detection and protection equipment
  • Directional egress systems
  • Building management systems
  • Automated door mechanisms
  • Climate control systems
  • Patient care support functions
  • Security systems
  • Communications equipment

#2. Reliability

In addition to a high regard for safety, central lighting inverters are extremely reliable in the event of a power outage. This is because the unit is centrally located for a single maintenance job and has the capability to email test results or alarm conditions to your approved maintenance personnel.

Additionally, in large venues such as stadiums or gymnasiums, you need a reliable source of power and lighting to kick in during an outage. With this type of inverter, you can efficiently illuminate a large area with the capability to supply beyond most emergency lighting unit equipment. A properly-sized central inverter that powers existing fixtures at full light output is the logical choice for these applications.

#3. Ease of Installation

As we learned above, a single unit of a central inverter has enough power to provide enough code required power to the emergency lighting on the property and in the building. As a result, this reduces the amount of time and labor required for the initial lighting inverter installation.

#4. Ease of Maintenance

It is always easier on the maintenance technician to complete any repair when his job is done in a single location. Accordingly, there is only one central location for maintenance throughout the building with this type of inverter. Therefore, repair and maintenance can be completed in a timely fashion and efficient manner.

#5. Overall Value of Ownership

Although central lighting inverter solutions offer lower operational and maintenance expenses, they do require a higher initial capital investment. However, the initial costs may be outweighed by the easy installation and maintenance tasks.

The overall value of ownership also extends to its visible footprint and impact on your building’s aesthetic appeal. These inverters offer seamless integration with existing light sources. As a result, they help maintain architectural design, easy maintenance, email test results, and alarm conditions.

The benefits of a central lighting inverter’s total value of ownership can be summarized by the following:

  • Reduce your operating and maintenance costs to yield the lowest overall total cost of ownership
  • Intuitive interfaces
  • Remote communications technology
  • Energy efficient designs
  • Central maintenance location

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